Depression – YouTube


One of the main things I hate about it, it really gives me no motivation to do anything, sometimes I wish I could do something but it’s like eh? what’s the point in doing it. does anyone else care if I’ve done it or not? Probably not to be honest but what do I know, I know most people won’t even read this due to the fact no one really reads my personal blog. I used to create quite a lot of SFM Posters, but I don’t feel like doing it, photography? I do love taking photos but going outside makes me feel uncomfortable to even go out, it’s not great to always stay in but I feel safe.

Is there any point in making this post? No not really.


I was even excited to create a new YouTube channel, got all the images set up for it, it’s there just pretty empty I did have a YouTube channel, but wanted to start again so I did. The main issue I have is that I’m really paranoid, I know that sounds really silly but it’s just that I worry whether that the video is pretty crap, my voice is crappy etc.

Here’s the Channel images I created for it: