December 18, 2014 9:41 am


my blog is like 80% duck now

thanks to patrick-jr for helping me (jk he actually did most of it) edit the code n stuff so now theres DUCKS instead of flower petals

bless your eyes upon this beautiful sight everyone

Not a problem, it was fun doing it for ya and Skyping you, I was laughing too much, omfg…

Enjoy the ducks!

Patrick Jr’s SFM Posters • /r/PatrickJrSFMpatrick-jr:

I’ve made a subreddit, anyone is welcome to subscribe, I want to use to to interact with my followers better, I’m not so great with Reddit, so I’m actually looking for some Moderators to help me.

Thanks for being following me and thanks for all the love and support! <3

SFM Christmas Project Progress

I will try my best to fit everyone in, but sadly at this moment in time, it does not look like I’ll be able too. I have around 16 more people to pose and it’s getting crowded already :c I hope you guys and gals won’t be mad at me, I will try my best and my deadline of the 20th is coming up quick quickly. it’s Overwhelming and quite scary, I just hope I won’t disappoint any of you.